Life simplified is life amplified

  “Always make it simple, why complicating dear, do you really love to be enmeshed in the web of life, for you can always choose to be free , with majestic mobility and still be connected through a fine thread of love to us all . Stay calm and use your mental and inner strength more than the physical one. “

My dad often use to tell me this, and his words still fill me with hope and courage.

An insight , an inspiration , motivation and vibrant positive vibes fill us whenever we hear or read motivational pieces of good thoughts.How vibrant and rejuvenated we feel.

Some of them,  sometimes , somehow, influence us for sometime, but then real world is real world,. …. the intricacies of life force us back to square one. .

Life is a pretty difficult game, takes a  lifetime to learn. 

Lot of videos trending these days , telling us about various life hacks. We are amused and amazed by them. But honestly what I believe is , that the most amazing and unique life hacks are designed by people who are needy and are deprived of even the basic needs of life. They create the life hacks in the true sense of the word .

Life should be simplified , if it is to be lived to the fullest . Amplify life in terms of liveliness, compassion, action, energy, virtues,and divine love. Make a promise to your own life , not to break but to only bent, to spring back again and embrace it , always.”

Learning in any or every phase of life needs attention and not mere attendance. Life lessons …..Only life can teach and no other institution of the the world has the affiliation. So don’t miss them as the life lessons are also not repeated for slow learners.

Essence of life is in the fact that there is no definite essence in it

Heaven is within us . Peace of mind is what a person really wishes for, at the end of the day .Along with  breadwinning wisdom if we intake little spiritual wisdom  ,it would be a soothing potion.

Life is not a bed of roses one would  promptly ask. !!!  TRUE , but  the fact remains that light kills darkness , knowledge kills ignorance  so your positive approach will definitely fight out your negativities in life .

Always seeking your blessings and wishes.

Image: pexel

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