The three M’s …..

Motherhood rocks!!!

As a mother I know I have changed a lot or I would say I underwent a complete individual transformation. And this is true for every women on this planet. Patience , devotion , compassion , affection, sincerity, energy level, and alertness rose to a slightly higher degree , for me.

The three M’s of every mom’s life —


You ask a mom about her kids and there she goes ceaselessly , with her eyes shinning in excitement and pleasure while sharing those innumerable moments that she had kept in her heart and memory.

Some of them are amusing, some inspiring and some some simply adorable.

How my “no “of a moment became the best “yes ‘ of my life

I remember when I was expecting my elder one (I am blessed with two lovely daughters) I use to go to work ,walking ; as it was located just at stone’s throw. The road I use to walk through was getting repaired those days as it had potholes. Oh! How could I forget that day of my life , when I stumbled and badly fell on the road, when on my way to school. Immediately ,I rang up my husband and told him that we need to rush to the doctor.

“There had been a torrential flow of blood ” she said. “We need to urgently hospitaize you to first stop the profusing out of blood. Then let’s see. “

We were simply following whatever was advised. Then came the advise ; that shook me . She told me that my two months pregnancy had to be terminated as there was injury in the placenta and chances of foetal survival are very very bleak.

” No “the mother inside me resisted . I knew my mother had once told me that after forty days the foetus gets the ” life energy”, the “pran vayu” of its own. I told my doctor to hospitalize me to stop the flow and give me medicines to heal .And just send me home.

Now my daughter is almost sixteen ,and hale and hearty. A very bright student and a nature lover just like me.

I admit , one has to take the doctor’s advice seriously, but then I was so strongly believing in existence and did what my heart and soul felt.By God’s grace I was lucky enough that my bleak chances turned out to be the brightest ones.

Motherhood blesses you with immense faith in the power of the One above ,who is the Creator , the only one who decides the destiny of all the worldly beings.

Always seeking your blessings and wishes,💕💕💕

12 thoughts on “The three M’s …..

  1. Reena rocks. That’s the power of a Mom. Your lovely thoughts inspired me to pen down my own existed thoughts of a Mom who went thru such hell of experiences throughout Pregnancy. I have a little Princess of 3 yrs old.
    Blesses to both of your little angels 😇❤🙏🙏🙏

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    1. Thankyou dear Suma. Mothers are warriors , they draw this power from their motherhood, the reality that they bringing a new life to this real world. Every element and every milegi le transforms 😊😊 really


  2. A mother’s love for her offsprings has no parallel. A beautiful story, Reena. I salute your courage and determination and your motherly love and affection 👍👍👍

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