When wind sings my tune#!

Wind is humming with me, the tune of my love

In its euphonious voice, sometimes picking up the lyrics

The trees shaking and dancing with joy

The leaves reaching to earth to enjoy

Carry my heartbeat to my beloved , I entreat

To my heart, it has become a total misfit,

High and low it takes my emotions,

Intoxicated , flipping rhythm into commotion

24 thoughts on “When wind sings my tune#!

  1. As a nature lover, I was immediately drawn to your trees “shaking and dancing,” which reminds me so much of the aspen trees in my area which seem to shimmer in the breeze (nicknamed “quaking aspens”). This is such a delightful poem, a fun read with vivid visuals. I can always count on you for quality poetry, Reena! 🙂

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    1. How beautiful that wavering light would be to watch, lucky you, dear Mike💕💕
      Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge about flora n fauna of your lovely place, I always learn new things and enjoy the enrichment❤️❤️😊

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