Time to change the yardstick!

If you need to lean on someone make sure it's one in the mirror Looking for inspiration , outside.......... When it's within you, the secret energy well, that never dries up . Your inner strength, the infinite potential Your are Divine , your are a beloved of Almighty, he has bestowed upon you his best … Continue reading Time to change the yardstick!

Mr. Trouble

Never trouble, trouble,Unless Mr.Trouble,troubles you,Else life like a bubble,bursts giving double trouble to you,My smile has gone,On a long holiday,Joy is managing alone,Chores of everyday,Problems have become,My new neighbours,Asking me for some,Big and small favours,Mr. Trouble is happy,To stay in my place,How do I tell him,tomake an exit with grace. Reenahttps://reenabistartart.wordpress.com

The three M’s …..

Motherhood rocks!!! As a mother I know I have changed a lot or I would say I underwent a complete individual transformation. And this is true for every women on this planet. Patience , devotion , compassion , affection, sincerity, energy level, and alertness rose to a slightly higher degree , for me. The three … Continue reading The three M’s …..